Alcohol and Drug Policy

MeriPustak has adopted this policy which is designed towards a positive approach so as to achieve a workplace free from substance abuse of any kind such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, tobacco etc.

A. How it affects the workplace :

We are all aware of the grave consequences which arise due to the consumption of illegal substances, alcohol and the like. It affects a person’s performance, judgment of work, co-ordination and hence leading to poor co-operation, absenteeism and inefficiency. It makes the employee unreliable increasing the possibility of mishaps, problems and disturbances thereby endangering the safety of their co- workers. Use of such substances contributes to crores of rupees of lost productivity and thousands of work mishaps in the workplace every year.

B. Principles of the policy :

The company strictly prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes and no employee shall be tolerated if found under the influence or possession of such in the library premises during working hours. The company takes alcohol and drug abuse as a very serious matter as it affects the well-being of an individual and its surrounding and most importantly because it is a counter productive work matter.

Reasonable suspicion may include

  • Absenteeism
  • Frequent borrowing of money
  • Deteriorating work performance
  • Fluctuation of concentration
  • Poor co-operation with colleagues
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Unreliability

Under this policy,

  • No employee shall be allowed to attend work while under the influence of drugs or after consumption of alcohol. Exception can be made for drugs prescribed by the medical practitioner for health reasons.
  • Possession of drugs, alcohol etc meant for consumption or to sell or transfer to employees or other persons is strictly prohibited.
  • There shall be zero tolerance to the use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. The work area is a no-smoking zone. Hence smokers are expected not to smoke while at work. Cigarette smoking is a clear and present danger to health according to research. It affects not only the smokers but the non-smokers as well through the secondhand smoke. Smoking causes nearly 1 million deaths every year in India.
  • Use of tobacco shall also be prohibited in all premises. Tobacco and smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of all entrances and exits to the work premises.
  • This applies to all employees whether full-time or part-time. It also applies to all work related functions like meetings, conferences, parties, client functions or work lunches.

C. Why it is important

Employees are considered the most important resource and it is crucial that a safe and healthy working environment is provided for all the employees. This policy therefore basically aims towards the promotion of safety , good health and welfare of the entire workforce.
It promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the employees to refrain from abusive substances for their overall development.

It aims to

  • maximise output and production
  • minimise problems
  • increase health awareness.

D.No Employee Support

MeriPustak will not support those employees who get caught or are found involved in the use, possession, sale or transfer of such illegal substances. Adverse employment action will be taken and they will be forced to temporarily refrain from work whilst taking help from the general practioner to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.
Contravention of this policy is gross misconduct and the company will take disciplinary action for breaching of these rules which may lead to termination of the employees or summary dismissal. They may be asked to temporarily refrain from work and get help from outside. In case of possession of illegal drugs, it shall be reported to the police for criminal prosecution.We expect all employees to co-operate on this policy and these rules are to be followed while you are on work premises and while conducting work matters.

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